Stated simply, our business philosophy is to sell what we service and service what we sell. This provides a great comfort factor for our customers, knowing if and when a problem arises, they can turn to us to support their equipment.

Since our start in 1958, we serve a broad installation base of boilers and other gas fired process equipment. Today the equipment we service has expanded to include boilers, ovens, furnaces, gas fired roof top units, parts washers, dust collectors, vacuum cleaning systems, blowers, exhausters and heat exchangers.

Even before equipment is purchased, we provide a large range of engineering and design services, including :

Dust Collection System Design:
  • Scope generation of the equipment needed
  • Duct sizing and Cad drawings of duct layout
  • Hood design
  • Specialty Control / Starter Panels
Central Vacuum Systems Design:
  • Scope generation of the equipment needed
  • Line sizing and Cad Drawings of the vacuum tubing layout
  • Detailed Bill of Materials of all Tubing and Fitting components
  • Specialty Control / Starter Panels
Heating and Cooling Packages:
  • Engineered heating and cooling systems including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumps, temperature control valves and control centers, strainers / filters, and heat exchangers


  • From the beginning, our Service Department can support your equipment with start-up assistance and operator training.
  • We offer Annual and Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs to assure the proper working condition of the equipment.
  • Emergency repair service and trouble shooting are also available.
Our Service Department focuses on the following areas :
  • Custom Control Centers including the integration of PLC’s and data loggers
  • Control system upgrades
  • Burner replacement and upgrades, included Flame Safety controls
  • Burner Adjustment and Combustion analysis
  • Oven uniformity adjustments and surveys
  • Vibration analysis of bearings on blowers and exhausters
Motor Starter and Control Panel
Motor Starter and Control Panel

We maintain complete job information on all of the equipment sold to assure we can support the equipment over the years as parts are required. Mike Drabik heads up the customer service department, being with Elliott Industrial Equipment for over 20 years. We provide genuine factory authorized parts, so you can trust what you are getting is what was originally provided.